English Theatre Club

What:              English Theatre Club

When:           Fridays, 15:30-17:00

Where:               A 009

Who:        Years 10-12

Leader:     K.Coussot

The English Theatre Club (ETC) was founded in 2010. Over the last 12 years, we have staged a variety of plays, including comedies as well as tragedies - from Shakespeare to modern playwrights:

After a two-year break due to the Corona pandemic, we were finally able to perform again in July 2022 and successfully put on Roy Brown: Reclaiming Stonehenge, a hilarious, contemporary comedy by Derek Webb:



In September 2022 a new season of English theatre began. At present we are working on another highly entertaining comedy that will be presented on Thursday, 13th July 2023 and Friday, 14th July 2023 at 7:30 pm. We are looking forward to seeing you then - the more the merrier! 😊

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